Soft Vs. Firm Silicone Sex Toys: An Intro Guide

Soft Vs. Firm Silicone Sex Toys: An Intro Guide

Soft Vs. Firm Silicone Sex Toys: An Intro Guide

Pressure. How much do you like, and which sex toy will fit? Silicone’s a fascinating sex toy material because it ranges from super-soft to very firm. It’s versatile like that!

Different bodies will have different preferences about whether a firm toy is just right or too much, about whether soft silicone is comfortably orgasmic or “I need a little more.”

I’ll run through a few examples of the silicone dildo spectrum, from soft to firm. Blush Novelties products employ platinum cured silicone that’s body safe and very easy to clean, so these are all great picks.


Soft: Dual-Density Exterior

indigo dual density realistic dildo with suction cup
Avant – D8 – Ergo Indigo

If you’re on the more sensitive side, soft silicone is the way. It can be incredibly squeezable and flexible—gentle even with fast thrusting.

Dual-density dildos combine a squishy-soft outside over a firm core. The harder inside stabilizes the soft material, so it doesn’t fold over as the toy moves.

Blush’s Sensa Feel® dual-density dildos are one example of this soft + hard balance. Clench around an Avant Ergo’s head to feel just how forgiving the material is, for example.

Check out the Avant D8 through D12 and the Neo Elite toys offer non-phallic and realistic choices, respectively.



slim realistic silicone dildo with pink, blue, and purple asymmetrical design
Avant – D16 – Purple Haze

Comfortably middle-of-the-road, the Avant D16, Avant D14, and Avant D15 dildos are quite soft. They’re just not as squishy as a Sensa Feel® toy!

Featuring a silky matte silicone finish, each Avant pastel dildo gently massages. It’ll bend with your form if you’re thrusting the toy fast, or riding it via the suction cup base.

These dildos are an excellent choice if you’re not 100% sure what firmness you’re looking for, since they’re partway between super-soft and firm.



red veiny realistic dildo with suction cup silicone
Ruse – Hypnotize

Don’t want your toy to flex too much while you’re thrusting it or riding it suction-cupped? Go with a firmer silicone dildo for sure!

The Ruse silicone dildos are a nice example: much less flexible, so they’ll stand up to more pressure. The Ruse Hypnotize’s spot-seeking ridge will be easier to notice in this firmer platinum silicone blend. The realistic details—like Hypnotizes’s vein textures—also come through better in a firmer silicone.



red hard vibrating smooth dildo with suction cup silicone
Impressions – N5


Now this is the pressure I’m talking about: many G-spots and prostates respond best to a firm touch. The extra hardness pushes in and creates more impact.

Blush Impressions vibrating dildos are made of a firmer silicone over a hard motor casing, so they deliver (1) high-speed vibration plus (2) lots of pressure.

Suction-cupped and harness compatible, Impressions vibes are made to please anyone who wants more in terms of vibe strength and focused pressure.

So what are you looking for?


Written by Felicity. She loves words, food, sex, art, and studying people—and not always in that order! Find more of her work by visiting  Phallophile Reviews , where she blogs about body-safe toys and details silicone dildo firmness.

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