Meet Lush Gia: The Vibrator that’s the Best of Both Worlds

Meet Lush Gia: The Vibrator that’s the Best of Both Worlds

Lush Gia is a two-in-one Massager


Lusha Gia: on one side is a black silicone wand massager and on the other end a black silicone g spot handleTalk about double the fun! The luxurious Lush Gia is both a wand massager and a strong G-spot vibe. It’s a two-in-one massager that delivers deep, rumbly vibrations from the wand head or flip it around and explore the G spotting handle. It’s perfect for those who want a powerful vibrator with the best of both worlds.

Gia is a power-packed vibe with seven powerful vibe functions. It has two buttons that control each end independently. You can scroll through seven functions on each side to find the perfect speed or pattern that suits your desires. Not only is it powerful, but also made from body-safe silicone for peace of mind!

What’s beautiful about this toy is that it’s perfect for those with limited mobility or those who struggle with reach. Because it is 9.5 inches long, both ends can serve as an extension of your arms.

Not to mention, it’s USB rechargeable and splash proof for easy cleaning. For one thing, Gia makes masturbation easy! With all of this in mind, you’re missing out if you have not included Lush Gia in your playtime. 




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