What people are say… Noje Pleasure Wands

Noje W3


“The Noje line has the rumbles that my clit goes wild for, and those rumbles don’t turn buzzy bee crap when you hit the fifth intensity. They stay true, feeding my hotspots with all the orgasmic goodness a body can take.” –scandarella.com

“The Noje W3 Mini Wand Style Vibrator have only recently become acquainted and yet it already feels like a regular part of my toy play routine. I grab for it so readily that it’s hard to think what I did without it, or to imagine why we didn’t get to this point sooner.” –emmelinepeachesreviews.com

“This vibrator does a few of things really well, first of which is the design. It’s the perfect size for my hand. The curve in the handle lets me apply just the right pressure, even during PIV. The bend in the head lets me get broader pressure and vibration. The firm head isn’t so firm as to prevent me from applying pressure, but isn’t squishy enough to dampen the sensations. It has a variety of vibration patterns, but I really love that there are more than three or four steady vibrations that increase in intensity.” –aceinthehole.co