Blended Orgasms: Using Rabbit Vibrators To Achieve One

Blended Orgasms: Using Rabbit Vibrators To Achieve One

Blended Orgasms + Rabbit Vibrators

You have probably heard of different types of orgasms – full body, multiple, touchless – that are rumoured to be the holy grail of sexual experiences. Of all the “novelty” climaxes out there, perhaps the most attainable is the blended orgasm. By mixing dual stimulating pink silicone thrusting and gyrating vibratortogether the best parts of different types of stimulation, blended orgasms deliver unique sensations and teach us new things about our bodies. If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck! Rabbit vibrators were specially designed to help vagina-havers achieve this extra special big O! 

What is a blended orgasm?

A blended orgasm is when multiple erogenous zones that can produce climax are stimulated together to produce a unique pleasure experience. If you can orgasm from nipple stimulation and clitoral stimulation separately, stimulating both will deliver a blended orgasm. Among vagina-havers, blended orgasms usually refer to both clitoral and internal vaginal stimulation.  Internal stimulation may target the vaginal walls, g-spot, a-spot, p-spot, or some combination. 

Those who can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation (i.e. the majority of vagina-havers) often report unique sensations accompanying orgasm when internal structures are also stimulated. Even if you can’t experience orgasm from internal stimulation alone, you can still reap the benefits of multiple points of stimulation! 

How does a blended orgasm feel? 

Orgasms are personal and many people report different sensations. Some people say that multiple orgasms are stronger and more intense. Other notice that multiple orgasms tend to be longer. Others still report a more full-body sensation that isn’t localized in the genitals, but extends down through the legs and up into the chest, neck, and even head. 

If you’re new to blended orgasms, I recommend letting go of expectations (to the extent possible) and focus on the uniqueness of the experience. It’s also worth noting that orgasms are rarely identical, and blended orgasms are no exception! The more you experiment, the more you will experience. 

How can a rabbit vibrator help you achieve a blended orgasm? 

purple silicone dual stimulator air pulsing and thrusting vibrator -blended orgasm

I usually refer to having orgasms as a skill: the more you practice, the more you can identify sensations and learn to ride our pleasure to climax. If you struggle with orgasming, multiple stimulation can be a very pleasurable way to practice! 

By stimulating both the clitoris and internal vaginal structures, rabbit vibrators deliver the dual stimulation necessary to produce a blended orgasm in one toy. Rabbit vibrators are generally made with modular controls that allows you to customize the intensity of the internal and external stimulation. Make sure to experiment! You may realize you like intense internal pressure and soft clitoral stimulation, vice versa, or some other combination. 

How do I pick the right rabbit and how do I use it?

When choosing the right rabbit for you, thinking about the type of stimulation you like is paramount. Do you like buzzy clitoral stimulation or do you prefer suction? Having the self knowledge to discern your pleasure preferences goes a long way in picking the right toy. If you’re not sure what kind of clitoral stimulation you like, why not try a classic bunny-ears rabbit vibrator?

teal silicone dual stimulating rabbit vibrator

When it comes to picking a toy with the right kind of shaft, think about vaginal structures you like to stimulate. Do you prefer the g-spot at the entrance to the vagina? If so, you might want to consider a shaft with beads at the base to provide stimulation. If you like an internal toy to press up against the back of your cervix, pick a toy that’s on the longer side.

No matter what toy you choose, there are a few standard practices to follow when trying out a new vibrator. Firstly, don’t insert the shaft while it’s moving. Many rabbit vibrator shafts have a whirling-swirling motion that can make it difficult to aim. Inserting the shaft when it’s still will help you adjust to the sensation before turning up the intensity. Secondly, try using the clitoral stimulator and shaft separately, if possible.

Trying out the external and internal stimulation modes separately will build your knowledge of what you like, helping guide you as you use the toy to (hopefully) explosive results!

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