5 Ways to Play with Lush Ava

5 Ways to Play with Lush Ava

pink silicone couples sex toy lush avaThis remote-controlled vibrator is action-packed! The Lush Ava wearable vibrator stimulates the G-spot and clitoris, is remote controllable, and can enhance partnered sex or be fun during self-pleasure.

As a couples sex toy, it’s designed to fit into penetration—to stimulate both partners. But it’s also fantastic for steaming up your foreplay and solo play. Here are a few ways we recommend playing with Lush Ava:

A Wearable Vibe

As a wearable vibrator, the Lush Ava can be worn under your clothes. Perfect to wear out or when you’re enjoying a relaxing evening at home. The remote control is super-convenient: you don’t need to reach down under your clothes to scroll through Ava’s seven vibration functions. Instead, do it via the handheld remote.

For the securest fit, wear Ava inside tight-fitting underwear, yoga pants, or spandex shorts (maybe even under a skirt). You can wear Ava inside your home and experience intimacy there—or, for something more risqué, try Ava while you are out and about. In nature, or in a crowded place, Ava’s noise level is low-key and discreet.

And guess what? It’s not just a couples sex toy. Ava can add life to your routine: try wearing it while doing chores or putting up laundry, or anywhere you need more zing.

remote control silicone and pink lush avaPower Play

Perhaps you love to put the power in your partner’s hands? This allows them to turn your vibe up, or down, as they wish. You never know what they might do next! Maybe: Turn Ava off totally, or turn you all the way up to top speed, or tease you with patterns. Edging to orgasm is really fun: Ava can turn one partner on, while the other watches their reaction. You can do all this before you two even touch.


For anyone with a vulva, Ava is equally good for self-pleasure sessions. You can insert it for hands free play. Ava’s rumbly vibrations will still rest on the clitoris and rumble through your pelvic floor.

You can also flip it around and try the slim or more bulbous end. Try using the end that is outside your body as a handle for stroking.

During Penetration

pink silicone lush avaThe Lush Ava’s slim end can be inserted vaginally, to wrap around the vulva and press on the G-spot. The bigger side offers deep, stronger vibrations to the vulva and clitoris. When Ava’s worn during dildo-in-vagina or penis-in-vagina sex, it offers hands-free clitoral stimulation: a big deal because most people with clits need that pleasure to bring climax.

The Ava wearable vibrator is slender and made of UltraSilk silicone, for comfort when the penis is stroking against it. Ava will vibrate both partners’ erogenous zones: it’s vibration all around. When exploring penetration play with a dildo and Ava, be sure to apply enough lubricant to reduce friction, since silicone-on-silicone (or other materials) contact creates a little extra drag.

And during penetrative play, the remote is very handy too. You don’t need to remove the toy from your body or interrupt your strokes to change speeds! Flip through Ava’s 3 thrumming steady speeds and 4 pulsing or escalating patterns, with the buttons on the remote control.

Blow Job Play

Ava’s smooth silicone body is so flexible—so why not wrap it around other regions too?

The Lush Ava features a U-shaped body that can wrap around and curve to stimulate the front and back of the penis, similar to a vibrating cock ring. One partner simply holds Ava in their grip, closing their fingers around the base of the other partner’s shaft. This leaves room for sucking and licking higher up: a different kind of dual stimulation, with Ava’s vibration and oral play too.


The Lush Ava is an awesome introduction to couples vibrators. It’s very versatile, with all the different ways you can explore. You’re getting a powerful rumbly vibrator that can work as a sexy foreplay tool, during partnered sex, as a bullet with a long handle, or even as a blowjob enhancer.

Go forth and discover how you like it: possibilities await you (maybe your partner too?) and Ava!

Written by Felicity. She loves words, food, sex, art, and studying people—and not always in that order! Find more of her work by visiting Phallophile Reviews, where she blogs about body-safe toys.

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