What is BDSM and Sensation Play

What is BDSM and Sensation Play

BDSM is an acronym that describes a subset of the kink community. Short for bondage, discipline and/or domination and sadomasochism, each of the letters has its own unique purpose and can be explored by the use of toys.

With Blush Novelties’ Noir Collection and other select items from the Temptasia Collection, the opportunities for exploring your pleasure are endless.Encased in sleek, black packaging, the Noir Collection features the best BDSM toys for beginners and more seasoned kinksters alike. For bondage, or the act of restraining someone for sexual gratification, a great starter tool are the fuzzy handcuffs that are designed for comfort and safety. Although the cuffs have a release lever, the set also comes with a set of keys as well. Need more of a challenge? Try out the Temptasia Bondage Rope which features 32 feet of cotton rope to fulfill your Shibari dreams. This item is slip-free and is perfect for partner play or for practicing self-ties.

Discipline, or Domination which include administering punishment and D/s play, go hand in hand with Sadomasochism- or giving and/or receiving pain for pleasure. In these categories, the Noir Collection offers plenty of options for BDSM toys to meet your needs. For impact play, try out the Flinch Crop, a long-handled accessory that is designed to not only arouse the senses but can be used to alternate between pleasure and pain to create a multitude of sensations. Pair this tool with the Breathable Silicone Ball Gag, which is a great way to explore power play in your dynamic.

While a rewarding and pleasurable experience on its own, BDSM is not the only facet of kink to indulge in. Sensation play, or a set of activities that are centered around receiving and giving pleasure through stimulating all of the senses, can be enjoyed as a standalone experience but serves as the perfect accompaniment to BDSM. When in a scene or playing with partners, start by using the Noir Silky Blindfold to cover their eyes, and use the Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps to tease, excite and incite pleasure, pain and a range of sensations in between. Although Sensation play is often linked with engaging in the senses of sight and touch solely, Temperature play, or a subset of Sensation play that involves using different variations of cold and/or hot items during an encounter, is another facet for you and your partners to explore. The Temptasia Fox Drip Candle is the perfect addition to your kinky toolkit and is made from coconut and beeswax-based, body safe wax. All of these items can be used in conjunction with the BDSM items of the Noir collection for maximum pleasure.

Even though the BDSM lifestyle comes with liberating, pleasure-centric experiences that promote kink and sex neutrality, it is important to ensure that your encounters are consensual, inclusive and safe as well. With the Noir collection, the items are engineered to be adjustable, breathable and slip free for comfort and peace of mind. When working with the Temptasia Bondage Rope, don’t forget to have the Temptasia Rope Shears on hand just in case.

BDSM and Sensation play offer a lot of benefits to play both in the bedroom and beyond, and using the Noir Collection and the Temptasia Collection will greatly enhance the experience for you and your partners.


Written by: Cheyenne Monique Davis

Instagram: @cheymodee

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